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Just to prove that I am still around. New ( well old ) Bridge purchased from Ebay ( £35. ). Took this shot to see if it was working.Sony DSC-HX200V, 1/800 @ f/2.8 ISO 100, 4.8mm.Looks like I have the ...
Well thanks Philip. I hope so too. Then again , I reach 70 in June. Possible I conk out before my trusty steed. CX 500, that brings back memories. Was a mass of new tech and innovation when it first ...
Just a few months short of her eleventh birthday and still serving me well. Quick shot taken with my Huawei. 1/500@f/1.8  ISO 50  3.66mm ( 27mm equivalent ) Regards to all, Mike.
Hi Philip, Possible that it is 'Photojournalism'. Regards, Mike.
Like the new design. Well done guys. Mike.
Failed. Only found two.          Mike.   :@
The same to you and yours, Barbara. :) Mike.
Well hello stranger. Good to see you back Craig. Thanks for the comments. Regards, Mike. :D
Hi leemccarthyn, First of all: Welcome to the site. As far as your query goes I am afraid that I cannot be of much help. There are, however, people on this site who have worked for years in film and ...
Classy shot, Graham. Admire your treatment. Works for me. Regards, Mike.
Top class. The trio are superb. Mike.
Hello Philip, Good to know that you are still on forum. Trust that you are well. Both the points that you have made are, of course, valid. I cropped in the L.H.Side since there was a motor boat movi...
Well the Tulips in my last post were an outstanding waste of space, so best have a little change. This is the latest piece of bronze to take up residence at the Trentham Estate. Panasonic DMC - FZ20...
Tulips appear to be doing well this year. A small selection to enjoy. Panasonic DMC - FZ200. M, 1/100 @f/4 ISO 100 9mm ( 54mm equivalent ) M.1/1000 @f/4 ISO100 51mm ( 307mm equivalent ) M. 1/6...
Well done Eddy. Well deserved. My pick was 2b, which to me is a ' true' B+W rather than monochrome. It is possible to argue this point till the cows come home.! Thanks for posting. Mike.
No problem Pete. Not only do the Aussies have the cheek to win the cricket, they then add insult to injury and send us Aussie flu ! Hope you are feeling much better soon. It is a nasty strain. Rega...
Hi Timmy. Great to have you on the forums. Settle in and most of all enjoy yourself. Throw any questions ( however basic they may be ) this way and someone on here will be happy to help. Regards, ...
And the same to you and yours, Barbara. :)
We don't get snow in my part of the UK very often, so the arrival of a small amount was something of a treat. All taken in Manual with a FZ-200, through an hole in a supermarket plastic bag. 1/50 @ f...