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Custom lens paint jobs

For the love of all things holy, there's an actual workshop in Korea that does custom paintjobs for your lenses. They actually disassemble, professionally paint and then reassemble the lenses for you so that you can turn your Nikon superzoom into a white Canon-looking monstrosity (and vice versa if you want). Big Grin


Check out more shots in this article:

They could have labelled it 'Canon' to fool a few folks. Confused

Lumix LX5.
Canon 350 D.+ 18-55 Kit lens + Tamron 70-300 macro. + Canon 50mm f1.8 + Manfrotto tripod, in bag.

Of course, Nikon does make some lenses in both black and "light grey" versions.... • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •

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