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Back from Home Renovations

Hey all, just letting you know that I've been living out of home for the past week - basically we had floorboards installed at our place, which meant that we had to pack everything into boxes, move all the furniture out, and stay at the in-laws for 5 days while the floors were installed.

After they finished we had to clean the entire place and revese the process...

So that's why I've been so quiet - everything has been out of place and incredibly disruptive to the family.

Anyway we moved back in yesterday and we're still unpacking everything... but the house looks great and it's all nice and fresh again.

Pics or it didn't happen.



Everybody got to elevate from the norm!

Tradesmen are so messy. Bits of shavings and nails etc. swept under anything that they will hide under.
A little vacuum would improve their services.

Lumix LX5.
Canon 350 D.+ 18-55 Kit lens + Tamron 70-300 macro. + Canon 50mm f1.8 + Manfrotto tripod, in bag.

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