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[split] My city n guilds course work (thread three)

and a few more,,

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(Nov 15, 2013, 11:49)funkymunky Wrote:  and a few more,,

The first one (sailboats) has that twig across the main part of the frame.
Learn to look at the entire image, not just hone in on what you think is the subject.

The second cries out for more contrast.

I can't figure out what I'm supposed to look at in the third. Flowers? Butterflies?
Nothing's sharp, and again it's flat.

The B&W seascape is a definite keeper.

The water drop. The colors on the table legs pull my eye away from the water drop splash.

Valley of the Sun, Arizona
D2Xs, D200's, D100's, LightRoom, CS-CC

Yes, the seascape is a keeper - I would have lost a sliver from the left hand edge but apart from that it is pretty good.

But you are nearly always too central - the seascape is a good exception.

thanks guys, sorry i havent reply been able to get on the computer ( hospital with the twins all week) Sad again thank you for your feed back. i do appreciate it and take everything constructively. i will be posting more on my subject (that being landscape views) later today..

funkymunky - hope the twins are better soon. Visit us when you can. Thanks for letting us know.

Barbara - Life is what you make of it!

I absolutely adore the photo with the river, whenever I see longer exposures with water that looks so creamy I absolutely adore it! Nice shot, congrats!

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