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Post Processing Workflow

I enjoy taking photos very much, but i find sorting, manipulation, archiving, captioning etc. really tedious. I haven't yet found a workflow or process that is streamlined or efficient... There are many photos that I want to print - but don't know where to start... Smile

I'm wondering what everyone does to their photos once you download them off your camera? Does they go into your pictures folder and stay there? Or have you perfected a process - if so, please share!

Most of my pictures go into my pictures folder.
Then once in a while, I'll go through them all, deleting those that aren't good.
As for manipulation, I'd crop, resize and level the colours on some pictures.

I really should do something, also would like to know where to start Smile
Please help me too Smile

As of yesterday, I've started using a 'system' of sorts... (no pun intended!)

First, I created a 'Lumix' folder in 'My Pictures' where I keep all my originals - to separate them from other pics I accumulate.

Within the Lumix folder, I have several 'themed' folders that I dump my pics into frm the camera. Usually, I have to create a new folder for events and such. I friend of mine uses the '1 folder per month' method, but I don't like it as much.

Anyway, once I have the originals where I want them, I can walk away for awhile... but I usually don't!

The next step depends on what I am planning to do with the pictures...

If I am planning on uploading them to a website, for example, I will create a sub-folder called '800x' or '1024x' and then batch resize the pics to the appropriate size. I also append '_rz800' to the end of the filename - just to be safe! (Makes searches easier too.)

If I want to make prints, I create a sub-folder called '4x6' or '5x7', etc. and go through cropping and saving to that folder. (my ArcSoft Viewer makes this really easy because it has preset aspect ratios - and a 'save as' button) Again, I append '_cr4x6', etc. to the filename.

If I am playing with levels or gatting fancy with post-production, I do so within the sub-folders only.

So that's my new plan... so far so good.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ10
Image Management/Editing:ArcSoft PhotoBase4
Advanced Image Editing: Adobe PhotoShop 7

Now that I shoot in RAW, I feel that the workflow is more defined/applicable to me.
I'd load them on, then open C1 Rebel, going through each one adjusting whitebalance, saturation, levels, sharpening, then leave the computer to batch process them all Smile

yupz ..
epecially with C1.. it make processing much easier ..
becaul all the tools are in the right place.. since its dedicated fror photos ...

All of my shooting pictures is not important to me. I choose from the and collect it to " my picture" collection. sometime I'd crop, resize and color correction on some photos.

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