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Printer inks

Hi, sorry if this has been covered previously, I have looked and can't find anything.

I am considering buying a Canon Pixma ix6550, all the reviews rate it very well for the price.
My questions are about inks and papers.
1. Which third party inks do you use and looking back at your older prints 12 months +
have they faded.
2. Is anyone using a CIS system, if so which one and how do you rate it.
3. Which papers do you use and do you find certain paper/ink combinations are more
inclined to fade.

I have had the Canon iX6550 for 5 months and am highly delighted with it.
The main reason for buying it was to get A3's printed.
It gives good colour and you do not have to replace all the colours if one is empty.
No doubt someone else will tell you that there's is better, but for me it's the best one I have bought so far.

Canon EOS 650D with 18-55 kit lens/ 75-300 zoom/ 100-400 zoom

I can't understand your 2nd question. I think you are asking about Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS) ? If it is so then, this means that instead of regularly buying and replacing cartridges, you simply top up the outside tanks after purchasing much larger bottles of ink.These contraptions are best for those who are using their printer a lot. It is very best for those using their printer everyday!

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