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The Most Iconic Photos in History

Capturing critical moments in our history, the legacy of these influential photographs may change over time, but their importance is eternal.

there are so many images that could be here - two I expected that weren't was the first moon walk - a lasting tribute to the ingenuity of the the human race, and the "napalm girl' Phan Thi Kim Phuc which epitomizes the horror of war. And there are so many more ......

The first camera using digital electronics to capture and store images was developed by Kodak engineer Steven Sasson in 1975. He used a charge-coupled device (CCD) provided by Fairchild Semiconductor, which provided only 0.01 megapixels to capture images. Sasson combined the CCD device with movie camera parts to create a digital camera that saved black and white images onto a cassette tape.[43] The images were then read from the cassette and viewed on a TV monitor.[44] Later, cassette tapes were replaced by flash memory.

I'd of expected the Iwo Jima flag raising in the mix too.

Hi, I think this is a great article! Anyone who enjoys the old photos will be interested in this article too - gear you need to start retouch old photographs

Photos can carry the history of the journey. Here is another article on different use of clipping path. Think this will helpful for

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