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400+ Freeware Proggies

Hey all,

Don't you just love free programs? I know I do, and use many such programs on a regular basis. It's awesome to see quality software being produced that rivals commercial software, and then given away for free! Kudos to those developers.

Anyway, someone's put together a list of 450+ freeware utilities and also 400+ open source applications divided into different categories, all on one page. Very cool indeed.

In case you're wondering what the difference is between freeware and open source - open source is usually free, and the source code is freely released to the public so others can improve on it. Freeware can be open source, but can also include proprietary or closed code, but the program is given away for free.

Do you use freeware? Which ones do you use? I can heartily recommend PsPad (text editor), Ditto (clipboard utility), Picasa (image management), SyncBack (file synchronisation), AVG Free (antivirus), ZoneAlarm (firewall) and a few others on the list, as I've used them personally and they're top quality. I also regularly visit the freeware section of snapfiles to satisfy my glut for free programs. Big Grin

Great link ST.........I wish you hadn't put it up as I am running out of hard drive....Big Grin

I have Picasa but don't use it.....

the others I use are zonealarm, AVG and RSE

Great find, Jules!

I use Faststone, I guess that's freeware? Although they ask you for a donation.....


AVG is cools .. i use PHP designer 2005 as my main code editor ... and then theres good old BT ... azureus ...

heres something interesting though ...

its a program that allows you to create vitual lans(vLAN) with other people over the internet ..

Another interesting list of free proggies here:

I use Faststore Image Viewer and screen capture. I also use Xemi Pocket Voice Recorder for making .wav files. I'm looking for a free .wav to .mp3 converter but can't find any--they are all shareware. I will say you have to be careful with freeware. On more than one occassion it completely blew my Windows and I had to restore my backup (at least).

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Hey Don, there should be plenty of wav to mp3 converters...

These days I hardly convert from wav to mp3, and I just use windows media player or itunes to do converting... (I know I'm lazy).

I used to use CDex and that was pretty good... that one's freeware.

Free pierogies! MmmmmTongue

Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
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iTunes does a fairly good job for conversions anyway

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