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You might be a photographer, if ...

Does anyone know Jeff Foxworthy and his famous redneck jokes? If not, here is a nice compilation...

Inspired by this thread, I thought we can do something similar about being a photographer. I'll make a start, feel free to add more...

You might be a photographer, if …

- Your wife asks you “How do I look?” and you say “Nice postprocessing” AND it is meant as a compliment
- You go on a two week vacation with only one spare t-shirt and a toothbrush, because your camera gear takes up all the room in your luggage
- Your TV set is positioned in the shelf according to the rule of thirds
- Someone asks you “How’s the weather in your place?” and your answer is “ISO 800”
- You’re late at work, because you’ve been out shooting already for three hours
- You set your alarm to 4am on a Sunday because the weather forecast is “Sunny with morning fog”
- Your house is burning down and you’re standing outside taking pictures (you only salvaged the camera gear)
- You usually shave in front of your computer screen, with a freshly taken self portrait serving as a mirror
- You go out shooting in bright sunshine with your flash gun mounted
- Your fridge is filled up to four quarters with films and photographic chemicals
- Your living rooms walls are covered with prints of your own pictures
- Your living rooms walls are covered with backdrops for portraits
- You are not in your wedding pictures because you were the one taking the pictures
- You want to buy half a loaf of bread and ask the salesperson “Can you crop it?”
- You refer to the vacuum machine as the “Spot healing brush”
- You want your toast darker and ask for “Long exposure”

Gallery/ Flickr Photo Stream

Reality is for wimps who can't face photoshop.

you know what's amazing is that you posted this at 2:58 and the follow up at 5:28, intention?



These are so funny, and I can actually relate to several of these. Big Grin

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." ~ Dorothea Lange

- You have more camera bags then your wife has hand bags Smile

Canon stuff.

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