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where to PX

Oct 4 2017
Wanting a D7200 or D7100 shortly and have a MINT very low shutter D7000 to PX. Where or who dose PX, I will not deal with MPB after the last fiasco I had with them,so is there any other honest shops out there that does PX.

Top 8 mistakes to avoid as a photographer

Sep 30 2017
Let's take a look at some of the photography mistakes you can avoid today

PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate.

Aug 23 2017
If anyone is interested the above software is available on Amazon ( uk ) at the very good price of £39.61.
Could not resist. Ditched Photoshop CC.

Aperture and Shutter speed priority

Jul 26 2017
Hi to all members, I am using a Fujifilm SL1000 bridge camera and have stuck to the Auto settings. Now I would like to progress, and understand Aperture, Shutter Speed priority as well as ISO settings. I have looked at a few examples on social media, and I find it quite daunting (I know, a thicko). In view of this I would like a DUMMIES explanation on this subject, as I am struggling to comprehend. Many thanks in advance.

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Jul 26 2017
Thiết kế đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1 với kiểu dáng sang trọng, lạ mắt. Kiểu dáng thiết kế với nền màu trắng có họa tiết độc đáo, giản dị và nữ tính. Mặt số thiết kế nổi bật với 12 viên pha lê phối cùng bộ dây đeo đờ mi sắc nét với chất liệu thép không gỉ cao cấp.

Đồng Hồ Seiko SFQ806P1 Kiểu Dáng Lạ, Giản Dị Mà Đẳng Cấp

Mẫu đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1 cuốn hút với chất thời trang sang trọng, chất sang trọng của thiết kế thể hiện qua mặt số sáng bóng tinh xảo, viền trơn bóng sáng trọng cùng bộ dây đeo đờ mi nổi bật.

[Image: GMNfym2.jpg]

Hình ảnh từ mẫu đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1

Vài nét về thương hiệu Seiko Nhật Bản:

Địa điểm bỏ sỉ Đồng hồ giá rẻ <<<TẠI ĐÂY

 Thương hiệu đồng hồ Seiko xuất xứ tại Nhật Bản với đẳng cấp quốc tế. Thương hiệu nổi tiếng qua chất lượng, độ bền cao bên cạnh tính thời trang nổi bật.

 Seiko là thương hiệu số 1 Nhật Bản được nhiều người yêu thích. Tại Việt Nam thì thương hiệu Seiko không còn xa lạ, với những mẫu ăn khách làm mưa làm gió.

Đẳng cấp sang trọng của kiểu dáng nổi bật qua:

+ Các chi tiết tinh xảo, độ sắc nét và sáng bóng cao;

+ Kiểu dáng thời thượng cuốn hút;

+ Màu sắc sang trọng với độ sáng bóng ấn tượng;

+ Kiểu dáng dây đeo đờ mi, mặt số đính hạt tinh xảo.

Đặc điểm chất liệu:

 Thiết kế đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1 sử dụng chất liệu rhép không gỉ cao cấp vào cả vỏ máy và dây đeo. Bề mặt chất liệu sắc nét với độ sáng bóng đầy tinh xảo hoàn thiện chất sang trọng.

 Mặt số đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1 độc đáo với kính khoáng cứng Mineral Crystal, mặt kính này nổi bật với độ sáng bóng cùng khả năng chịu lực. Mặt số sử dụng 12 viên pha lê đính tương ứng với 12 vạch số.

[Image: yxdjXMz.jpg]

Hình ảnh trên tay đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1

Bộ sưu tập Dong ho deo tay dep gia re <---BẤM VÀO!

Thông tin cụ thể về đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1:

Thương Hiệu: Seiko
Số Hiệu Sản Phẩm: SFQ806P1
Xuất Xứ: Nhật Bản
Giới Tính: Nữ
Kính: Mineral Crystal (Kính Cứng)
Máy: Quartz (Pin)
Bảo Hành Quốc Tế: 1 Năm
Bảo Hành Tại Hải Triều: 5 Năm
Đường Kính Mặt Số: 30 mm
Bề Dày Mặt Số: 6 mm
Niềng: Thép Không Gỉ
Dây Đeo: Thép Không Gỉ
Màu Mặt Số: Trắng
Chống Nước: 5 ATM

Thiết kế với khả năng chịu nước 50 mét:

 Khả năng chịu nước của thiết kế đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1 là 50 mét. Với khả năng chịu nước này thì phái nữ có thể sử dụng tốt vào việc rửa tay, đi mưa và tắm.

[Image: Vv6E5TK.jpg]

Hải Triều đại chỉ mua hàng chính hãng uy tín

Kiểu dáng Seiko SFQ806P1 với chất sang trọng độc đáo:

 Thiết kế đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1 với chất sang trọng nổi bật. Chất sang trọng thể hiện độc đáo qua màu sắc, độ sáng bóng, sắc nét vượt trội, ấn tượng.

 Đẳng cấp sang trọng của thiết kế đồng hồ Seiko SFQ806P1 được thể hiện độc đáo qua các chi tiết cụ thể như:

Bí quyết Phân biệt Đồng hồ Daniel Wellington chính hãng   <<<RẤT QUAN TRỌNG

+ Mặt số tròn nữ tính, viền kim loại màu vàng hồng sáng bóng;

+ Thiết kế mặt số tròn màu trắng với họa tiết giản dị, độc đáo;

+ Thiết kế vạch số được đính 12 viên pha lê cuốn hút;

+ Bộ dây đeo nổi bật với kiểu dáng đờ mi nổi bật qua độ sáng bóng và màu sắc.


Alec Soth

Jul 3 2017
Really liking Alec Soth's work and his philosophy on photography:

Great articles here:

I think what I like most about it is the sense of story in the images.


monthly competition

Jun 21 2017
Does anyone know why the monthly contests have stopped. I thought these were a good idea, as it gave you a theme to work on if you were going through a mental block. Please can we have them back Barbara.

Forcing Inspiration

Jun 19 2017

Was looking for inspiration and decided to go for a walk with just my Macro lens. I find if I limit myself to just one lens with limited capability it forces me to be creative when I shoot. How do you force creative inspiration? Here are some samples of photos I took:
.jpg newpost.jpg Size: 192.4 KB  Downloads: 404

.jpg newpost3.jpg Size: 165.83 KB  Downloads: 401

.jpg newspost2.jpg Size: 309.37 KB  Downloads: 402

Circular Croppng

Jun 19 2017
Can someone point me to software that does a circular crop?
.jpg DSC08863.JPG Size: 154.05 KB  Downloads: 513
.jpg DSC08864.JPG Size: 245.66 KB  Downloads: 515

I've read that you can do in in Office, but I failed to comprehend and excecute this approach

Shooting Your First Wedding - Equipment You Will Need

May 24 2017
A few months ago I posted a thread on shooting your first wedding. This is a followup thread regarding the bare minimum equipment you will need to get the job done as a professional. 

When I shot my first wedding I used my 70 -300mm lens for portraits of the bride and groom and also to capture imitate moments during the ceremony. 

My other go to lens was my 17-50mm. I used this for my most of my wedding party, bridesmaids, groomsmen and bride and groom photos. 

A crucial piece of equipment you will need is an external flash. I'm partial to the Nikon Speedlight such as my SB 910. Since a wedding shoots spans the entire day you will need it for fill flash while shooting outside in the noon and midday sun. You will need it for reception photos since it will most likely be dark inside. Though some artistic shots without a flash with a long shutter time are cool! 

Make sure you have batteries for your camera and flash. I carry 5 batteries at a minimum for my camera and also the charger in the bag. You will burn juice from your camera batteries fast using your flash and due to the amount of frames you will be taking. 

If you have any advice for shooting a wedding please share your thoughts and images. 

Here are some samples of images from my first wedding shoot:

- Chris
.jpg W1.jpg Size: 170.24 KB  Downloads: 515

.jpg w2.jpg Size: 275.09 KB  Downloads: 517

.jpg w3.jpg Size: 158.86 KB  Downloads: 508

.jpg w5.jpg Size: 259.12 KB  Downloads: 514

Street photography

May 21 2017
Hi there!
Few days ago i was inspired by a renowned photographer : John Free.Fohn Free's work is amazing,not by nowadays technical standards maybe, but by the way he captures emotion an by his philosophy on photographing people.He's organic,friendly and manages to captures the essence.
I was inspired by his philosophy,that as photographer you must destroy you brain's barriers and push yourself to get amazing captures, push yourself more and more in feeling unconfortable when people look at you with suspicion when you point the camera towards them.You must find a way breaking that wall, engage in conversation and win trust
I must admit i felt very unconfortable but it felt very rewarding because i only could get that kind of pictures only by overcoming that feeling of awkwardness.
Here i attach a few pictures from my experience on the street!
How do you guys feel about photographing people on the street?
.jpg DSC_0042.jpg Size: 382.11 KB  Downloads: 735

.jpg DSC_0020.jpg Size: 427.86 KB  Downloads: 735

.jpg DSC_0069.jpg Size: 218.58 KB  Downloads: 737

.jpg DSC_0071.jpg Size: 307.29 KB  Downloads: 730

.jpg DSC_0040.jpg Size: 245.81 KB  Downloads: 726

Thinking about going Mirrorless

May 19 2017
Howdie folks!
I have been shooting with a DLSR for the past 12 years and always loved it. Lately however I see more and more colleagues replacing their DLSR's for mirrorless systemcamera's. And I must say, next to the loss of a lot of weight, costs and space, the quality of their photography is still great! Are mirrorless camera's starting to pass by the DLSR?? For a while I have been saving up for a better DLSR camera, but now I am actually researching to go into a complete new system.
Although Mirrorless comes out as the loser in this article, I think the mirrorless will pass the DLSR very quick in the near future.

Do you guys have any experience with these? What do you think?

Macro Photography

May 17 2017

Macro photography is interesting since its a way to see your subject really up close and personal. You can buy used manual lenses that will work with your digital camera for less than 50 dollars. The key to macro photography is using a tripod and a cable release. If you have any macro shots please share them. Your subjects are limitless. 

Here are a few samples of flower photos I took with my Micro NIKKOR 55mm manual macro lens:

.jpg 060814PinkFlower_original low res.jpg Size: 225.09 KB  Downloads: 722

.jpg 060814RedFlower_original lowres.jpg Size: 214.39 KB  Downloads: 714

.jpg 060814WhiteLotus_origina low res_edited-1.jpg Size: 170.27 KB  Downloads: 723

.jpg 060814YellowWhiteFlower_original low res.jpg Size: 132.82 KB  Downloads: 715

Thinking about shooting film

May 15 2017
Hi everyone!
I know there among us guys that are experienced with shooting film that would be in position to give me some recomandations.It's been almost 1 month now since i started hunting for a film camera able to shoot 120/220 film.There are so many options, wich makes it very hard to decide.It should fit a 500-600$ budget.
So far i'm stuck on these options: Pentacon six,pentax 67 and the more pricey  Mamiya 645. I plan to use this rarely, just for portraits ,because i love the look of MF and because i became obsessed of the skintones produced by Portra 
What would be your pick guys for this price range?
Thank you!

The Cheap photo-tricks share!

May 11 2017
In my opinion every photographer should have some great tricks in his arsenal. Simple fast things to boost up a portrait or give a picture some extra flare. Anyway; always good to experiment; especially if it's with cheap household products! 
I came across this video:  ( the vaseline trick I would only do on a very cheap filter!!) 

I got my own few tricks up my sleeve. One of them is that I've shot a few portraits with 4 TL-lamps, looks great in the eyes in my opinion! (and because of the warm color-temperature you can make the white in the back blue if you correct it right). Check out some pics here:

[Image: HomeP%20(5).jpg]
[Image: HomeP%20(9).jpg]

Do you have any simple but cool tricks to share? I would love to hear them!

How many risk would you take for the 'perfect shot .

May 11 2017
Hi everybody!
Yesterday a friend of mine mentioned the death of a young guy who slipped and fell from a crane he was climbing, just to get a beautiful shot. Now I know many of us are badass; i lie around in the dirt or climb and balance on unstable tables and chairs all the time.
Here a google search with great pictures of how weird photographers can get

But when do thing go to far? When he told me the story I automatically thought about Joe Mcnally:
[Image: ?]
And the story he tells about this shot and getting high

What do you guys think? And what is the furthest you've gone to get 'the perfect shot' ?


May 9 2017
Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well. Spring is in full gear and the squirrels are busy being out and about. Squirrels are some of my favorite subjects to photograph. I enjoy the challenge since they don't stay still for long. They also make good models when they are still, since they are curious creatures by nature and will tolerate me being in close proximity to them. I thought it would be interesting for us to post our squirrel photos. I will start things off with a few of my images.

.jpg DSC_2707_original.jpg Size: 162.43 KB  Downloads: 293

.jpg DSC_9963.jpg Size: 278.69 KB  Downloads: 294

.jpg DSC_9968.jpg Size: 233.69 KB  Downloads: 289

.jpg DSC_9977.jpg Size: 350.66 KB  Downloads: 291

Most impressive photography books (Wishlist)

May 3 2017
Hi there all!
Over the years I have been very lucky to have had a lot of great photography books in my hands (great books of art and inspiration by great men; not instruction manuals, although they sometimes can be great as well; its not what i am talking about here). On my shell I have a few, including "dogs" by Elliot Erwitt, "The moment it clicks" and "The Hot Shoe Diaries" by Joe McNally, and "Heaven to Hell" by LaChapelle. 
Hwever: On my wishlist are still two (which both are very expensive) : Waits / Corbijn, and the most impressive one:
"Before they pass away" by Jimmy Nelson.

[Image: 51VwJAxofyL._SX415_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]
The story behind this book is most fascinating, although it has also gotten a lot of criticism.
There is a backstage trailer about this book here

But now:  I am of course always looking for more Wink
What is on your shelf and what is on your wishlist? I would love to hear some great inspiration!

Building your own camera

May 2 2017
Hi everyone!

I got remembered that a while ago I made my own pinhole camera:
[Image: 532714_2607570527565_2072334076_n.jpg?oh...e=598EAC79]
(necessities: an empty can of beer, an empty box of matches, a plastick clicker, a needle and some duct-tape - and one full and one empty photoroll )
I followed these instructions:
The results weren't great (because i kept on forgetting to roll the photo further!) but it was a lot of fun!

I got remembered as I saw this video of Chase Jarvis with a Lego camera: Chase with a lego cam

Did you ever do this? How were your results?