• The Great Shuttertalk BlackRapid Winners!

    A big thank you to everyone who participated in The Great Shuttertalk BlackRapid Giveaway, to celebrate our site redesign. The response has been truly great, with visitors and new members pouring in from all over. Without further ado, here are the winners of the prizes.

  • The Great Shuttertalk BlackRapid Giveaway

    Howdy folks! To celebrate the launch and “rebirth” of the new Shuttertalk site, we have partnered with BlackRapid to offer some giveaways to our supporters! Entry is open to everyone, so read on to see how your can score your freebie.

  • Shuttertalk Circa 2012

    Welcome to the New Shuttertalk!

    It’s been a long time coming, but the new Shuttertalk is now live! With the site redesign, we not only refreshed the look of the site, but also took the opportunity to replace the backend software powering the site with updated, more feature-ful software that will keep us in good stead for some time to come.

  • Vosonic VP8870 Photo Storage Review

    The Vosonic VP8870 is the flagship portable photo storage and multimedia device, for backing up and viewing photos and videos on the go. Julian Tan takes the unit through its paces in this review.

  • BlackRapid RS-7 Camera Strap and BRAD Review

    The BlackRapid RS-7 is a modular camera strap featuring a unique upside-down design, as well as the BRAD, an optional attachment that secures the RS-7 and makes sure it stays in place. Read on for a review by Julian Tan.

  • Review of the Kata Auxiliary Pouch (AP) System

    The Kata Auxiliary Pouch (AP) System uses a military-type webbing and pouch system to hold camera equipment in a versatile and modular manner. Rob Will takes us through a detailed review of the system.

  • Flash Bracket Fully Attached

    DIY Flash Bracket for Under Five Dollars

    Flash brackets allow flashguns to be placed off-camera and help eliminate the dreaded deer-in-headlights look.
    Here’s how to make your own Flash Bracket for under $5.

  • The ASUS Eee PC

    ASUS Eee PC 701 4G – A Photographer’s Perspective

    Every photographer dreams about having a portable computer on a shoot. We take a look at the ASUS Eee PC – an ultra-portable from the that boasts a 7 inch screen, compact form factor and reasonable battery life.

  • Wall Mounted Digital Photo Frame

    Wall Mounted DIY Digital Photo Frame

    In search of DIY excellence, Rob Will takes us through the process of building a large, wall mounted digital photo frame, using an old laptop and LCD monitor.

  • The Cable Turtles

    Keeping Cables Tidy with the Cable Turtle

    In our electronic world, messy cables can be a major inconvenience. However, solutions such as the Cable Turtle can make life much easier keeping cables neat and tidy. Read on for our review of the Cable Turtle.