60+ Beautiful Couple Poses for Fantastic Looking Pictures

You’re about to pose for a picture, and suddenly you have no idea how to stand. It happens to all of us. If there is someone else involved, you may not know how to pose in relation to them.

Fortunately, I’m here to help with that! Listed below are some couple poses for you and your loved one. You’ll never have awkward photos again.


Pose 1: Silhouette Against the Sky

If you are surrounded by a beautiful sky, then this is the perfect pose for you. This focuses less on your looks, and more on the beauty behind. With this, there is more emphasis on the bond you share! Silhouettes like this can also be easily transferred to other mediums, so you can create wood etching with this as well.

Pose 2: Taken from Behind with Scenery

Something about vast mountain ranges just hits the spot. Show people that you and your partner travel to beautiful locations with a picture from behind like this. It perfectly captures the view as well as your love.

Pose 3: Timeless Love

Pictures like this emphasize how long love can last. Both people are a bit older, but the love is still there. If you know an older couple that has been together for a long time, try taking a picture like this.

Pose 4: Matching

This is such a simple picture, but you can definitely get that it is a couple with matching shoes. Even though the picture is simple, the connection between people is still there; you wouldn’t purposely match with an acquaintance or someone you don’t know.

Pose 5: Matching with Context

This is another example of a matching couple, but there is more content involved. Although the couple is matching, you can tell that they are standing on a dock, with outdoor shoes on. This shows that this couple does outdoor activities together. If you want a simple matching photo, consider one that shows what you are doing as well.

Pose 6: Focus on Only One Partner

One person is missing from this picture! It isn’t the traditional couple picture, but you can tell that the man is happy with whoever he is looking at. We know that he is close to them given that he is laying in their lap and the camera captures his loving look. Take pictures like this if you are trying to emphasize facial expressions.

Pose 7: Closer Silhouette Against the Sky

This is another example of a silhouette, but the couple is a little closer. You are able to clearly see that both people are smiling, so the emotion is still in the image even with just a silhouette.

Pose 8: Lazing Around Outdoors

Lazing around is definitely relaxing, especially if you are doing it with your partner. Capture both the scene behind you and the relaxation with pictures like this. The background can be as simple as a bedroom, or unique like the building above.

Pose 9: Action Shot

Action shots may not sound the most romantic, but with the right ‘action’, they are! The couple above are holding hands and running around the beach. Something as simple as spending time together and holding hands is great for couple pictures. Pose like this if you want to show off a more silly side of you and your partner.

Pose 10: Simple and Smiling

Like the picture before, this shows off a bit of a silly side. If you aren’t really feeling an action shot, just go for the classic smile that still shows some personality. Pictures like this are great when the background is anything besides a plain room.

Pose 10: Variation of Taken from Behind with Scenery

This is another picture taken from behind, but with a different view. The women is also looking back at the camera smiling, showing more emotion than if she was just looking forward. We now know that this is a happy situation!

Pose 11: Silly Moments

Out of all the previous pictures, this is definitely the silliest. You can’t see the man at all, but the woman looks happy. This isn’t a pose you would do with just anyone, that’s why it makes for a great couple photograph.

Pose 12: One Final Silly Picture

Have you noticed that the past few pictures are the same couple showing a less serious side? This final picture shows the little intimate moments. If you and your partner want to capture that, take pictures like this.

Pose 13: Wedding Shots in Action

In general, wedding photography is romantic. Not all wedding photography is equal though. If you are looking for a creative picture that’s different from the average kiss shot, try an action shot. The man is running after the woman, which could be symbolic, but it also makes for  really cute picture.

Pose 14: Personality Poses

By personality poses, I mean poses that help us learn a little bit more about the couple. They are sharing an intimate moment, but we also know that he rides motorcycles. If you have a hobby that can be incorporated in pictures like this, go for it!

Pose 15: Intimate Hugs

Hugging pictures are classic, and there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a classic. They capture the love between people and can be versatile as well! Try posing like the couple above, when the sun shines perfectly between the two.

Pose 16: Winter Moments

There’s no doubt about it, winter is romantic and magically. Take advantage of a snowy day by turning it into a couples photoshoot. Finding a beautiful location isn’t as important; the picture above is great and the supermarket in the background doesn’t take anything away.

Pose 17: Up Close and Smiling

Black and white photos are timeless. With the added intimate touch, they make for the ultimate romantic pictures. Pose with your partner in a loving way and then add a black and white filter.

Pose 18: Family Love

If you and your partner have a child, consider turning the couple photo into a family photo. Children usually signify the bond between you and your partner, so they fit right in.

Pose 19: Posing Out of Frame

On a trip with your partner? Try posing with just your hands! It sounds silly, but it is the perfect way to capture the scene behind you and your connection as well. Go classic with a hand heart, or get creative.

Pose 20: Matching Tattoos

Here is another matching pose, but it is a little more permanent than matching outfits. If you and your partner have matching tattoos or are considering getting some, try out this pose to show them off.

Pose 21: Embrace from Behind

With all these options for poses, it can be hard to pick one. Fortunately, you can still go for a simple and loving pose. Embrace your partner for a classic pose that still shows the affection you have for each other.

Pose 22: More Playful Silliness

This is another example of silliness. You can obviously see that they are in some sort of parking lot, but that doesn’t impact the picture at all. When you and your partner are having fun, that becomes the center of the picture, rather than the parking spots in the background.

Pose 23: Kissing Up Close

The two people in this picture know that they are being photographed, but to us, it looks like they are completely caught in the moment. To capture a moment of pure love, try posing like this without looking at the camera.

Pose 24: Surrealism

Surrealist photography combines elements of fantasy to create a cohesive image. This isn’t surreal in the traditional sense, but the pose is a bit fantastical. We know a woman is behind him, but it looks like arms just emerging from behind him. Try playing around with poses and angles to create pictures like this.

Pose 25: Casual Seriousness

Silly pictures are great, but if you and your partner want to get serious, this is a great pose. Wear casual clothes or pajamas to contrast the serious facial expressions.

Pose 26: Kissing Behind the Screen

This is a traditional kissing pose with a twist. Not only can you and your partner have different angles of this pose, but the photographer can capture it all. Pictures like this are quirky, while still showing the kiss between you two.

Pose 27: Laying in the Grass

I’ve seen this pose countless times. During college, girls would always pose like this with sorority sisters. It’s used a lot because it works though! You and your partner can try this unique laying pose that will definitely draw attention.

Pose 28: Vacation Photo Shoot

If you’ve been to the Bahamas, or to any tropical destination, you can take pictures like this! The tropical backdrop is breathtaking and you can wear a swimsuit. Many places with shallow areas have swingsets like this, making a perfect centerpiece for a photograph.

Pose 29: Complimenting Colors

Step up your pictures by creating a color palette. This couple doesn’t match, but they are wearing the same basic colors, posing against a background that brings the picture together. Try different colors and tones to create a theme in your next photo shoot.

Pose 30: Love in the Rain

Just like snow, rain can be magical too. Bring an umbrella if you want to capture a special moment in the rain without getting too wet. With the right camera, you can focus on the raindrops as well as the couple.

Pose 31: Cozy Kissing

Like mentioned before, kissing poses are a classic. Some kisses have background scenery, but if you want the focus to only be the kiss, opt for a plain background. Clear skies show context without being too busy and distracting.

Pose 32: Staring into the Water

There are a few pictures in this list of a couple staring out into the distance, and this is another example. If you are on a trip or live near a lake like this, it makes for the ultimate romantic backdrop. Sunlight (or moonlight) on water helps create a romantic and beautiful mood.

Pose 33: Laying in the Grass (in seriousness)

This is basically the same as the previous laying in grass pose, without the smiles. To show a more serious side of you and your partner, get rid of the smiles. The picture is still unique and romantic, but a more mature and serious tone is conveyed.

Pose 34: Hands as a Centerpiece

You can’t see the couple’s faces, but that doesn’t matter. Here, hands have become the centerpiece. We can see a bundle of flowers and a ring, both are representative of love. Try posing like this, letting your hands do the talking.

Pose 35: Staring into the Sunset

Here is the final ‘staring off into X’ picture. Sunsets help create a beautiful scene with little work from the couple. Use the next sunset (or sunrise) to your advantage, while not focusing too much on your poses.

Pose 36: Affection in Closeness

Being close with your partner can show as much romance as kissing or hugging. If you don’t feel comfortable smooching in front of the camera, being close works just as well.

Pose 37: Serious Mugshots

Not every pose has to be close and intimate. Serious mugshots show the beauty in natural facial expression. This pose just lets you and your partner complement each other without getting too up close and personal. It’s also great if you have no clue how to pose!

Pose 38: Warm Embrace

Embracing your partner on a cold day makes for a great pose. We don’t know what the couple in this picture is looking at, but that doesn’t really matter. They are hugging and sharing an experience together, which works great as a couple pose.

Pose 39: Emotion in Body Language

There are no facial expressions in this picture, but so much emotion is pouring out through body language. Sometimes, body language can express more love than the typical couple poses. Pose like this to show the connection you have with your partner that goes beyond smiling and kissing.

Pose 40: Enjoying Nature

Casual pictures that involve no posing show an intimate closeness that isn’t forced just for the camera. Pictures like this can portray a couple in everyday life, enjoying nature. You and your partner can act normal while still ‘posing’ for a picture.

Pose 41: Romantic Picnic

Not enough people go on romantic picnics, but you should change that. They can be romantic, fun and are a great stage for photography. Grab your partner and a blanket to get cozy outside.

Pose 42: Remnants of an Event

X’s on hands typically mean that you just came from sort of event. If both you and your partner attended any event, the X can be the centerpiece of the picture. It shows something you did together! If X’s aren’t your thing, other examples can be; stamps, temporary tattoos/drawings that complement each other, or jewelry.

Pose 43: Symbolism in Hearts

Some pictures use symbolism to their advantage. It’s just a heart, but the couple is drawing in the sand together, which is symbolic of the love they have for each other. It could also just be a fun activity to do with the person you love. The interpretation is up to you, but it still makes for a good picture.

Pose 44: Showing off the View

You may notice that there are a lot of outdoor scenes that appear on this list. That is because posing outdoors with your partner always makes for a beautiful picture! This is another example of how the landscape can be used. Climb or walk somewhere with a high view and take some pictures.

Pose 45: Traditional Black and White Kisses

Want more black and white poses? This works especially well for traditional weddings as well. Grab your new husband or wife and kiss them!

Pose 46: Wedding Smiles

Not all wedding photos have to be serious kisses and poses. You just got married, that’s something to smile about! Capture the happiness for marriage in pictures like this.

Pose 47: Kissing at Different Angles

This picture kind of looks like it was taken in secret. Both people aren’t paying attention to the camera, and something seems to be draped over the lens. Show little moments between you and your partner by experimenting with different camera angles.

Pose 48: Embrace Variation

Usually, the man is embracing the woman from behind, but it works just as great the other way around, especially if the woman is shorter. It’s a fun take on the serious embrace and can highlight the height difference.

Pose 49: Capture the Laughter

One of the best things about having a partner is being able to laugh together. Capture innocent moments like this, that go deeper than just an attraction to each other.

Pose 50: Make Your Own Background

Can’t find a place to have your photoshoot? Create your own with colored smoke! You can pick pretty much any color to fit the mood. This also works great for gender reveal photography. Turn the smoke either blue or pink to create a meaningful background.

Pose 51:

Implied Kisses

We can only see the legs of this couple, but based on how close they are standing, they are either kissing or hugging. You don’t always have to show the full kiss. Imply that you and your partner are kissing without showing it by focusing on something else.

Pose 52: Showing the Love through Rings

Wedding rings or promise rings show the bond between a couple. They work well as a centerpiece because even though we can’t fully see the couple, we can clearly see that there is a bond. If you and you’re partner have any type of ring, try making it the centerpiece.

Pose 53: Casual Public Kiss

Are you confident enough to smooch your partner in public? If you are, it will make for a perfect picture. Use the city behind you to your advantage, creating an interesting and romantic scene.

Pose 54: Morning Cuddles

Waking up next to your partner and feeling their warmth is an amazing feeling. Capture that feeling in a picture! You and your partner can share a close and intimate moment while not putting too much effort into posing.

Pose 55: Casual Kiss at Home

If you aren’t confident enough to kiss your partner in public for a photoshoot, this works just as well. It is a little more casual, but the connection isn’t lost. Pictures that involve a little bit of everyday life help viewers understand a little bit more about the couple.

Pose 56: Lounging in Bed

Lounging around is amazing, so it’s only natural that photographs of you and your partner lounging around are also amazing. The room as a backdrop shows personality as well. Pose like this for more casual pictures that capture everyday life.

Pose 57: More Black and White Affection

This is another example of a pose that looks great with a black and white filter. There isn’t too much going on, but the emotion between the couple is still captured. With all the black and white examples in this list, you are bound to find one that works for you.

Pose 58: Casual Cuddles at Home

Cuddles are undoubtedly romantic, this has been proven several times so far. Test out different locations for your cuddling poses. If you can’t think of any unique places, somewhere as simple as your home works too.

Pose 59: The View as the Centerpiece

You are on a vacation with a gorgeous landscape, but you don’t know how to include you and your partner as well as the view. Pictures like this don’t focus as much on expression or the pose, but more on what is around you. You can assume the couple is close without having that much information.

Pose 60: Point-of-View Behind Her

Chances are, you’ve seen this pose on Instagram before. The point of view angle makes it look the woman is leading the man, who is the photographer. It captures the view as well as showing that they are doing this together.


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