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How Civil War-era Tintype photos were made
Very fascinating video of the entire process of creating a tintype photo portrait typically used during the civil war-era.

I wonder how long the entire process took in real time and how long the subject had to actually sit there.

Thank goodness we get instant exposures and prints next to no time these days. Big Grin
Another similar process - this time from Afghanistan.

Quote:The Afghan box camera, or kamra-e-faoree as it’s called in Afghanistan, is a humble creation that has served its purpose well for many years. We say humble because the “camera body” consists of a wooden box, the “focusing apparatus” is a metal shaft attached to a piece of wood, and the “shutter” is controlled by removing and reinserting the “lens cap” manually.

The whole development process is done inside the wooden box which produces a negative, and then the photographer photographs the negative (and processes it again) to get a positive.
Kind of cool. You wouldn't think this sort of thing was still in use anywhere, would you?

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