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eBay selling experience??
I've almost decided to sell my FZ10 so I can upgrade to an FZ20... I've done alot of eBay buying but have never sold anything... is it fairly straightforward? What are the hidden costs, etc?
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The only costs are a couple dollars for running the ad. The more options you put into advertising your auctioned item the more it will cost. Then there's pay pal. They like to take a couple buck also. All in all, it is worth the effort. Just make sure you state that the buyer pays for shipping.
Go ahead and start the process and you'll see what is involved. You can back out at the last minute before you list the item. Just don't back out afterward. That would give you bad reviews and would make your buying and selling at a later date more difficult.
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pet-o's quite right. i think above a certain limit they charge you a percentage of the price, but do try it out to see for yourself. also watch out for buyers with low or zero feedback...
I sell professionally on Ebay, for my employer, it can be very frustrating with buyers winning the auction and then failing to contact you, dropping out etc.... but it is also a good way to sell, lots of exposure etc.

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