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Full Version: Hiatus was just a bit too long!
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My opologies too all that may have thought I've abandoned Shuttertalk. No so. Just a break for forums all together. As well as photography. From this point on I will be back as a regular contributor to Shuttertalk. There will be so much to catch up on and there will be no way I'll get to all those missed posts and topics. I'll just have to pick up from this point. So, to those who's posts and topics I have missed or will miss please don't be offended. I'll do my best to contribute to Shuttertalk from here on out.

In a week I'll be away for 8 days in Playa Del Carmen Mexico so be sure to see some photos when I return.
Welcome back!!!! Hoping to see some fresh stuff from you soon!
Good to have a break once in a while.
The Mexico stuff sounds great.
Thanks Adam. Yes WS. I can't wait to get some sunrise beach shots.Smile
Great to see you back, Colin. I hope the break was a good one, and that everyone is well.
Hey Colin, good to see you again, mate!

Have fun in Mexico too - looking foward to the pics...
Hey Conk. Welcome back - I also am in a low ebb photographic-wise - so I can sympathize. I saw that there was a missed call from you on my cell phone a ways back...
Thanks Mat, Julian and Rob. The break was long enough to make me realize how much I missed the Shuttertalk community. There most definitely will be some photos coming. Smile
good to see you back on shuttertalk Peto..... I thought you suffered the moderator curse........(become a moderator and never seen again) Big Grin Big Grin

I am having a bit of a forced break while I wait for the new pc, limited excess at the moment....... tomorrow I hope

looking forward to seeing some new pics

Thanks Russ. Whatcha gettin for a puter?
The new pc is the intel core 2 duo E6400 just a 1 gig ram to start 250 gig hard drive stand alone geforce video card 256mb........and a new veiwsonic 20" widescreen Big Grin
Awesome.Smile Very similar to what I recently built.
Happy to see you around, Colin... Smile

The other day I was just wondering whether you were already there or not.... So you are leaving in few days... Great!!

You will visit one of the most beautiful places in Mexico, I am sure you will love it..

I am getting a bit envious, I must say... Smile

Wish you great time, and lots and lots of beautiful pictures Smile
Thank you Irma.Smile