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Full Version: Street motif.
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With the idea of giving a painterly effect, I worked on this picture with reduse noise mainly.

[Image: IMG_4532-Edit-2.jpg]

Thanks so much for any advice or critique to improve my picture.... Smile
Very nice. I like th einterpaly between the leaves and the architectural elements. I know that isn't advice but there isn't anything I'd change.
Now, that is lovely Irma: works well with the textures of the foliage and stone. Do you find that several of the more painterfly effects seem to have degrees of blur or noise-reduction in them?
I wonder: I have been thinking that there are some free filter plug-ins that you might be interested in: I use them myself and think that one of them in particular you would find very pleasing. The company is "Xero" and in one of their free filter sets is one called "Softmood". I've enclosed an example of a shot I took then put the softmood filter on: Here it is(and in the meantime I'll try to get the details of the filter for you...)

[Image: primSnowdropslight.jpg]
...and here's the same shot, with smart blur, as this seems similar too:

[Image: sunny%20primsrose%20copy.jpg]

(Sorry, I don't wish to hijack here but the shot was taken with the Tamron 90mm F2.8 at f32(yes, 32: gives a nice softness!)
Irma, I love it. the vibrance and softness in the leaves is just right.

If you asked me, I would probably crop the tiles at the top, as they set a stark contrast to the soft leaves and white wall,. On the other hand, they built a counterweight to the bottom part of the window, so maybe you want to keep them. can you make the tiles any softer then?

Zig, you pictures rather remind me of some pictures I did a long time ago with a cheap 2x magnifyer attached to my canon 100mm. that magnifier was made for video cams or something, and tended to create a haze around highlights as with you flowers (we call them "schneegloeckchen", what are they called in English?)
I like the softness in Irma's treatment while her picture adopts a natural vibrance, it doesn't look overly distorted.

Yellow ones are Primulas (my wife says Primrose) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primula and the white ones Snowdrops I think. :/

Some nice complimenting tones there. I want to do some plastering.Big Grin
Thanks Jim, for your comment... Wink

Zig, thanks so much for the link, they have indeed lots of filters. I like the one you said, and also the fuzzifier.
There are some painterly effects that they do combining two or more artistic filters in photoshop. I have tried some of them but I haven't got nice results. I think very much has to do with the picture. But exactly the buzzy effect, I want to achieve is mainly with reduse noise. I will be trying with a picture of a deer.... I need one to print a bit large so I was thinking with a subtle detail would look nice.

Thanks for sharing your pictures too, and you don't hijack and the contrary. It makes my post richer and interesting... Wink

Thanks for your comment... Wink
So you didn't like the strong colors of the tiles.... Big Grin

Telling the truth I think that that is the detail of the picture... because of the colors and place in the frame. Anyway I will try to make something about this when I have time and I'll show you, but still I think as you well said, it is a nice contrast to the pale wall... Wink

Quote:Some nice complimenting tones there.
Thanks NT... you got it!! Wink