LensCapTrap Review

Simple problems deserve simple solutions. One such problem that many photographers face is where to put that pesky lens cap, without leaving it behind or forgetting which pocket it in. LensCapTrap offers one solution, allowing lens caps to be attached via velcro to the camera strap.

The design itself is straightforward. There is semi-circular piece of black 3M Scotchmate velcro, which sticks on to the lens cap via 3M industrial pressure sensitive adhesives. The other side of the velcro is attached to a die cut piece of Lexan polycarbonate plastic, with cutouts to allow it to be attached to your camera strap.


The LensCapTrap comes in two sizes – micro and standard – corresponding to the size of the cap. Apart from matching the size, the bigger versions also give more grip due to the larger velcro surface area. In use, one simply takes off the lens cap and sticks it onto the holder via the velcro. It remains securely attached – shaking and jumping with it, did not dislodge the cap easily. One quick pull and the lens cap is released from the holder, ready to be put back on to the camera.

LensCapTrap - Sizes
LensCapTrap - Sizes


  1. The lens cap is stored in an easily remembered position.
  2. Many lenses can share the same holder on the strap.
  3. Unlike “string” type holders, there is no dangling string to get in the way.


  1. Cap removal is a two step process – remove, hunt and stick. With “string” type holders, you can simply “drop” the cap without much care.
  2. Larger lens caps may get in the way when attached to your neck strap – your mileage may vary.
  3. The velcro may spoil the look of your lens cap, especially if it’s not black in colour
LensCapTrap - In Use
LensCapTrap - In Use

All in all, the LensCapTrap is a nice alternative to the usual “string” type cap keepers, or just stowing your lens cap in your pocket. It will probably come down to personal preference as to whether the LensCapTrap is the right solution for you but it’s nice to know that there are choices out there.

The LensCapTrap comes in the following packs for puchase:

  • Standard Kit: 2 standard lens patches, 1 strap carrier for $6 USD.
  • Pro Kit: 5 standard lens patches, 2 strap carriers for $9.50 USD.
  • Micro Kit: 2 micro lens patches, 1 strap carrier for $7 USD.

Shipping is $1 USD extra, and additional lens patches and larger kits are also available.

For more on LensCapTrap products, visit their website.

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